Spare Key Service

Discover our premium spare key service tailored for FORD – FUSION. at Our mobile workshop provides a comprehensive range of spare car key solutions exclusively designed for FORD – FUSION. . Choose between genuine dealer keys and our own brand keys, both crafted with precision. Simply contact to schedule an appointment.

Lost Car Keys

When faced with a lost key situation, is your solution for any make of vehicle, including your FORD – FUSION. . Call us today, Our prices vary depending on the location, year, and make of the vehicle. Choose for a service that prioritises excellence and won’t compromise your vehicle in any way.

Key Refurbishments

Experience our key refurbishment service exclusively designed for FORD – FUSION. If your original key is causing issues, entrust it to our mobile workshop for a complete refurbishment. Leave your key with us (key only, no vehicle required), and within a minimum of 24 hours, we’ll provide a key with a new casing, blade, battery, and full repair—restoring it to its new, fully functional condition.

Immobilising Systems offers a specialised immobiliser repair service for all vehicles, including your FORD – FUSION . Our team guarantees that is your trusted partner for resolving all FORD – FUSION. immobiliser problems with the highest level of qualification and experience.

Instrument Cluster Repairs

Experience top-notch instrument cluster repairs at From common illumination problems to complex faults, our mobile workshop is equipped with bench rigs for various models, allowing us to simulate conditions without the vehicle being present. While some repairs may necessitate recoding the cluster, rest assured that your FORD – FUSION. can be brought to our Repair Centre for any required service.

ECU Repairs

At, we specialise in repairing or reconditioning all ECU problems for FORD – FUSION . From communication issues to water damage, our experienced team has successfully resolved numerous problems. Our mobile will address and resolve any ECU-related issues with precision and expertise.